Estate Planning

Truly effective estate planning is about more than simply minimizing taxes – although that is a part of it, and Ilene’s certification as a tax specialist makes her uniquely qualified in this area. It also involves planning for disability or death. Who has the authority to handle your finances if you are unable to do so? Who can make healthcare choices for you if you are unable to do so? As stated in the first paragraph; if you have not made your own choices, they will be made for you.

How We Help

We are committed to helping our clients by listening closely and helping you identify and clarify your most pressing concerns. After thoroughly understanding your particular situation and family dynamics, we will craft a comprehensive plan that addresses all of your concerns, and provides peace of mind for you and the people you care about most. If you already have a plan, chances are we can make it better. Remember, the law changes and your plan should reflect those changes. After all, an inadequate or outdated plan is often worse than no plan at all.

Needs We Address

The estate plan we create for you will accomplish all or just some of the following, depending on your specific needs:


  • Maintain control over your affairs
  • Protect your assets
  • Continue to enjoy the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed
  • Significantly reduce income, gift, capital gains, and estate taxes
  • Pass the largest possible amount of your wealth on to your heirs in accordance with your wishes
  • Protect your heirs’ inheritance from creditors, predators and, in certain cases, from the poor judgment of your heirs themselves
  • Keep your affairs private
  • Avoid the expenses and delays associated with probate
  • Pass your values and work ethic on to your heirs
  • Ensure your legacy
  • Protect and leave instructions for your beloved pets with a pet trust

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