Everybody knows the latest big news: President Obama’s healthcare reform bill was finally approved by the senate—for better or worse—and although politicians may still be arguing the benefits and evils of the bill across party lines, most Americans are asking one simple question: What does this legislation mean for me?

CNN Health attempts to answer that question and more in a recent article entitled (appropriately) “Answers to your questions on healthcare law.” At a time when everyone either loves or hates the bill, it’s not always easy to get a straight and non-partisan answer to a question that really has nothing to do with politics; but this CNN article does a good job of providing straightforward answers to many of the frequently asked questions, and explaining exactly how this bill is likely to affect you and your family now and in the years to come.

We know that many of our clients will have questions about this bill that go beyond those answered in this article, and we invite you to contact our office with any concerns you may have; especially about how this may affect your decision-making rights, legal healthcare documents, or Medicaid qualification. Whether you are a parent of young children worried about your health insurance, or a retiree facing the need to tighten your purse strings in your “golden years,” this legislation may have an impact on you; contact our office to find out how.