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“Home Sweet Home”

There is an old saying, "Home is where your heart is". As we age, the idea of staying home becomes more and more important to us. I believe in this saying very strongly. However, I also believe that the physical location of 'home' may need to change as our needs...

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Gift Taxes: What Your CPA Doesn’t Know

Taxpayers who gave substantial assets to family members last year could be in for a nasty surprise this tax season: potential errors on federal gift-tax returns that could result in donors owing taxes on gifts they thought were tax-free. Part of the problem: Many...

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Breaking Down the Probate Process

Probate, quite simply, is the process by which the court determines the legal property of a person who has died, and decides to whom those assets will be distributed. It sounds like it should be simple, but somehow, unfortunately, probate is hardly ever simple. Even...

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One-of-a-Kind Families Need One-of-a-Kind Plans

According to statistics the average U.S. family size is 3.2 members. The median age of a man upon his first marriage is 28.1, 47% of women aged 75 or older live alone. Also according to statistics, approximately 60% of couples own their home, 70.7% of mothers with...

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Share Your Passions As Well As Your Assets

Do you have a hobby that you feel passionate about? Do you love reading and collecting books? Are you a rabid coin or stamp collector? Do you find peace and tranquility out tending your garden? Whatever it is that you love; you can bet the people who love you are...

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