Quiet Title

    Quiet Title

    What is a Quiet Title?   A quiet title action is needed when a piece of real estate has been in the family for many generations, and the legal title to the real estate is in the name of deceased ancestor.  The quiet title action is used to transfer the real...

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    Can an executor of a will take everything?

    Can an executor of a will take everything?

    Let’s see. In Arizona we don’t use the term executor, instead we use the term Personal Representative. A Personal Representative is appointed by the Court to act on behalf of the deceased person. When the Personal Representative is appointed they have three jobs.

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    Breaking Down the Probate Process

    Probate, quite simply, is the process by which the court determines the legal property of a person who has died, and decides to whom those assets will be distributed. It sounds like it should be simple, but somehow, unfortunately, probate is hardly ever simple. Even...

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