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Four Steps to Creating Your Estate Plan

You’ve heard all the arguments in favor of estate planning, you know it’s the right thing to do, you want to get your planning done... you just aren’t sure how to get started. Estate planning can feel like an overwhelming endeavor when you’re presented with everything...

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Why Women Need to Think About Estate Planning

Gender equality has come a long way in the past few decades and years, but still, when most people think of estate planning they think of wealthy older men along the lines of Joe Kennedy or John Rockefeller. The truth is, however, that estate planning is a subject...

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Who Will Care for Your Pet When You Are Gone?

When most people think about estate planning they think about friends and relatives, they think about minor children or grandchildren, they think about family heirlooms or large assets to pass on to the next generation. There is one family member who often gets...

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Prepare Your Kids for a Large Inheritance

One of the unspoken rules in many families is that you don’t talk about money, and you especially don’t talk about money with your kids. What many parents are finding out, however, is that keeping hush-hush about money matters leaves children unprepared,...

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