From a recent announcement on PR Newswire:

“Many Americans seem confused and immobilized by a key part of the recent Health Reform legislation, the CLASS Act, which will offer a form of long term care insurance for working people and others who may become disabled. ‘CLASS’ stands for Community Living Assistance Services and Supports, and the program, a legacy of the late Senator Edward Kennedy, is intended to offer new choice and security for millions now at risk. But, ‘we find that the public doesn’t know how to react,’ says Denise Gott, Chairman of the Board of LTC Financial Partners LLC (LTCFP), one of the nation’s most experienced long term care insurance agencies.”

The new Health Care Reform will almost surely affect your long term care plan, but is it too soon to know exactly how? You don’t want to be caught without coverage, but you also don’t want to make any decisions without having all the facts.

To help you discover how health care reform may affect your long term care plans, the link above provides access to a newly released 2010 Long Term Care Guide complete with healthcare reform update. Don’t let your family be caught off-guard.