We are getting ready for our 2010 EP Update Express™  Workshop on April 23, 2010.  A Buffet Lunch will be served.  Free seats are limited to EP Update Express™ members only.  Please pick your top 5 choices and get them back to me ASAP:

o    2010 Estate Tax Law Challenges

o    Stretch IRA Trusts and Beneficiaries

o    Trusts for Animals and Pets

o    10 Most Common Mistakes in Estate Planning

o    Planning for Funerals, Burials or Cremation

o    Planning for Disability

o    Planning for a Special Needs Beneficiary

o    Who Should Handle my Finances?

o    Who Should be Guardian of my Children?

o    Health Care Powers for Me and My Loved Ones

o    “Minors Matter” and Health Care Options for

Young and Adult Children

o    Training your Trustees

o  ___________________________  (Your Choice)