Parents want to think the best of their children, but the fact is that many adult children lose their perspective in the wake of the death of a parent and end up permanently damaging their sibling relationships. When mom or dad dies the hurt and emotion takes over; insecurities come out, deep-seated rivalries make themselves known, and logic goes out the window. What all of this can lead to is years and years of brothers and sisters taking each other to court, spending thousands of dollars of your estate fighting over mementos and heirlooms, and lifetime relationships in shatters. . . Unless you have an estate plan.

A recent article by Scripps Howard News Service explains that the best way to prevent this from happening to your children is by creating a good estate plan. A good estate plan can be a great comfort to your children, and can save them thousands of dollars in probate and legal fees; and most importantly, a good estate plan is very clear about your intentions for your assets, leaving no room for court battles or ugly disagreements. But getting that good estate plan takes time and forethought—and the help of a professional.

A good estate plan takes into account the relationships and personalities of your heirs, as well as your own wishes. If one of your children has a problem with substance abuse, or if two of your children had a fight 10 years ago and still don’t speak, those things are considered in the creation of the plan. A good estate plan deals with small items and family heirlooms with emotional value, as well as real property and valuable liquid assets. A good estate plan is created with the idea of creating the best future for your heirs; it doesn’t leave the difficult decisions to be made by others when you’re gone.

If you would like to know more about how to smooth the way for your children and grandchildren, contact our office. We can help you create not just a good estate plan for your situation, but the best future for your family.