There are any number of things for which you can be earning and saving money: investments, retirement, college, a home, a car, the current high-tech gadget… The thought of it all is enough to make a person dizzy! So how do you decide what are the most important things for your family’s financial happiness and security right now, and years down the road? Choosing your financial priorities requires taking stock of the present, a lot of thought about the future, and a little bit of help from trusted advisors.

Robert Brokamp has written an article entitled “Should You Save For College Or Retirement”, which focuses on helping families and individuals organize their financial priorities. In spite of the title of his article, what Brokamp really stresses that there is more to good financial health than just college or retirement; a good financial future means taking care of your finances now by paying off credit cards, building an emergency fund, and having adequate insurance.

Building a strong financial future includes more than just planning for college and for retirement, it should also include planning to ensure your family’s financial security should something happen to you. Brokamp alludes to this in his article when he mentions purchasing an adequate life insurance policy, but he neglects to mention how little that policy will actually provide if your assets are eaten up after your death by estate taxes, probate fees, or a young and spendthrift son or daughter.

When it comes to your financial health, our firm may not be able to help you with the credit card fees, but we can help with the rest—especially ensuring that your efforts to save right now will not go to waste years down the line.