The POA made a verbal contract with me to provide care for the person in question. The person in question has dementia. His wife – not the POA now refuses to abide by the verbal contract and pay the bill. Who do I take to small claims court?

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The fee turned out to be about $200 since it was canceled the next day.

I don’t know the rule in PA. However, in Arizona there is a rule that says any verbal agreement about a sum of money, or a value (like providing care for someone,) that is worth more than $400, cannot be enforced in court. If the agreement is in writing, it is okay. From your question, it seems like you have a verbal agreement.

In Arizona this rule is called the Statute of Frauds. I would guess that there is a similar rule in PA. That means that the agreement cannot be enforced in a court of law if it is not written down.

Before you file in small claims court, see an attorney in your area to discuss the rules.

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