We want to thank EVERYONE for working with us during this very difficult time. Thanks especially to those “novices” who learned to use ZOOM just to teleconference with us. It is wonderful to see all of you! As you have already seen, meetings on ZOOM can never take the place of our meetings together in person; I miss having coffee, tea and M&Ms with all of you. But these meetings enable us to get our work done.
Some of you have asked me, ‘What is next?’
You will see on the news, or read online, that the Arizona government will begin to reopen, starting this week. However, one segment of our government that is not reopening is our Superior Courts. The judges and their clerks will continue to work remotely, at least until September 2020.
To mirror our court system and to continue to protect everyone’s safety, we have decided to continue holding our client meetings by phone or ZOOM/teleconference, with drive-thru signings, for the duration of the summer.
Please call us anytime!