There is a song we used to sing in camp about being young and never worrying about the challenges of life. We lived in the moment. We were young and we were happy and we didn’t have a care in the world. I look back wistfully at those times.  My parents took care of everything, and they made it look easy. I never thought about growing older. I never thought about my health. I never thought of keeping track of things because everything will work out, just fine.

Fast forward to 2020, and I almost can’t believe everything I have been through.  I look back on my blessings, but I have to acknowledge my losses, my grief and my challenges.  I am now ‘the’ adult who is taking care of myself and my family. (Thanks to my role models, Mom and Dad!) I am a breast cancer survivor who went through chemo, radiation and a double mastectomy almost 20 years ago. Thus, I have a health history. When I get sick I need to have easy access to my health care documents. But, because of the restrictions which have been placed on health care records, I cannot rely on my physicians to provide this information in the event of an emergency, or in the event my insurance changes and I must change physicians.

All our recent clients and I don’t have to worry. Our updated Health Histories are available in the cloud, 24/7/365. At a minimum, your Health History needs to include  a Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, your allergies, all medications, all surgeries, health conditions and contact information for all of your physicians. Plus, if done properly, it is there, whenever and wherever needed, with just one phone call.

One of our clients was in a horrific accident downtown, and ended up in the hospital. He knew about his allergies, but when they brought him in, he was unconscious. The consequence was, he was there for 4 months, instead of 2 days, because the ER gave him a medication he was allergic to.  He was lucky to survive.

Everyone has a choice.  What will your choice be?