Most people don’t think about visiting a financial planner until they’re old enough to have some money to manage, but if your child is a recent college graduate, or in his or her final year, you may want to consider a joint trip to your financial planner. A recent article in the Boston Globe lists a number of very compelling reasons why even young adults with little or no savings can benefit from a little bit of planning.

1. A visit to a financial planner can help young adults learn early the importance of budgeting: “If you are living on your own for the first time you haven’t had the responsibility yet of paying bills and learning to make your paycheck last until the next payday… One of the basic tenets of financial planning is to know where your money is going.”

2. Start planning for retirement while you’re still young. The earlier you start, the better off you’ll be. “A financial planner can go over the various fund choices in your 401(k) or other retirement plan and help you choose one or more funds that suit your needs.”

3. Learn how to turn big dreams for the future into a reality. Whether you plan to get married, buy a house, or start your own business, “A Certified Financial Planner® can figure out how much you need to save and create a plan to make saving painless.”

4. And finally, a financial planner can help young adults learn the basic tenets and terminology of borrowing, lending, saving smart and paying off loans with interest. “Learn about interest rates and how they work, whether they are for credit cards, auto loans, student loan or other borrowing. See how compound interest can help you reach goals faster.” An early trip to a knowledgeable professional can ensure that your child doesn’t get taken in by persuasive credit card companies.